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At High End Systems, we are well known for our world-class customer service & we’re anxious to hear from you. We want every experience you have with us to be a great one! All of the below individuals can assist you with any questions or suggestions regarding HES services and products. intellaspot

We look forward to working with you!

  • Our headquarters are in Austin, TX.

  • Our office hours are M-F 8:30 am – 5:00pm CST 

  • If you call or email us after hours, we will respond by the next business morning.

  • Our technical support team is available 24/7 for emergencies.  Dial 512-836-2242 and option 5 will page a specialist on call. They will return your call within 15 minutes.

Customer Service Representatives

North America

Christy Willemin- Western U.S.        
In U.S. +1.800.890.8989 ext. 4002   
Outside U.S. +1.512.836.2242 ext. 4002

Noel Garcia - Eastern U.S. & Canada  
In U.S. +1.800.890.8989 ext. 4003
Outside U.S. +1.512.836.2242 ext. 4003

Asia Pacific         

Christy Willemin        
In U.S. +1.800.890.8989 ext. 4002
Outside U.S. +1.512.836.2242 ext. 4002

EMEA & Latin America

Noel Garcia  
In U.S. +1.800.890.8989 ext. 4003
Outside U.S. +1.512.836.2242 ext. 4003


Product Support Specialists

Fixture, Digital & Console - North America

Chris Litz
All automated luminaires and Dichroic Theatre products
In U.S. +1.800.890.8989 ext. 4004
Outside U.S. +1.512.836.2242 ext 4004

Joe Haller

Moving, Digital, and Console
In U.S. +1.800.890.8989 ext. 4005
Outside U.S. +1.512.836.2242 ext. 4005


Paul Hancock
Moving, Digital, and Console
In U.S. +1.800.890.8989 ext. 4007
Outside U.S. +1.512.836.2242 ext 4007


Mitch Peebles
In U.S. +1.800.890.8989 ext. 4006

Outside U.S. +1.512.836.2242 ext 4006

For 24 hour after hour emergencies and to have a technician paged in North America call: +1.800.890.8989 and select option 5

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