Movie will autostart
QuickTime may be required

Episode encoding instructions

1. Open Episode

2. Drag source video file into main window

3. Tab open Compression settings:

     1. Arrow down tab on "Templates"
     2. Arrow down tab "By Formats"
     3. Arrow down tab "MEPG-2"
     4. Arrow down tab "Elementary Stream"
     5. Arrow down tab "Video"
     6. Arrow down tab "HD_to_SD"
     7. Drag "NTSC_7Mbit" onto your source file

4. Double Click "NTSC_7Mbit" to open and edit settings, Once you have the setting open:

     1. Make sure "discard Audio" button is checked
     2. Make sure "Output format" is set to "MPEG-ES (m2v)"
     3. Make sure "Video" is set to "Encode"

5. Click the "Video" tab at the top open

     1. Uncheck, "Field Order", "Frame Rate" and "Resize" unless needed *
     2. Arrow down tab MPEG-2

6. Once the "MPEG-2 Bandwidth" and "Profile" settings is open:

     1. Change "Bitrate control" to CBR
     2. Change "Average rat"e to:
        "12000 kbits/s" for footage 640x480/720x480
        "20000 kbits/s" for footage 1024x768 or a Collage Generator size
     3. Make sure "Close GOP" is ON
     4. Change "GOP format" to "I frames only"
     5. Make sure "Force sequence header for every GOP" is ON
     6. Make sure "Colour space" is set to "4:2:0"
     7. Make sure "Intra DC Precision" is set to "8 bits"
     8. Make sure "Frame Encode Type" is set to "Progressive"
     9. Make sure "Signal Progressive sequence in bitstream" is checked ON
    10. Make sure "Add empty VBI space" is OFF
    11. Make sure "Use 2-pass encoding" is checked ON
    12. Make sure "Use scene change detection" is checked OFF

7. Click "Apply"

You are now ready to push the "Arrow play button" to encode your file, you can also save that setting by clicking the floppy disc Icon by the setting you created. It's also possible to copy this setting to multiple files at once for batch encoding.

* There are many filters that may be useful, including ways to brighten and Lighting Optimize your video for maximum lighting output.