HES Wins Two ETS-LDI Awards

Booth, Catalyst Version 3 Software take home honors
December 2, 2003

The sweet smell of patchouli filled the air. Jimi Hendrix and Iron Butterfly screamed from the sound system. Psychedelic patterns and video swirled around the room. People crowded into the dark space, mesmerized by the sights and sounds within. It was the Sixties again. But it was at the Entertainment Technology Show-LDI 2003 in Orlando, FL.

This was High End Systems' Sixties-themed booth presentation, which won the award for Most Creative Use of Light. High End's Richard Belliveau and Tim Grivas were the creative wizards master-minding the 17-minute demonstration which showed off the capabilities of the DL1™ and Catalyst™ Pro v3 Media Server (and Catalyst Pro v3 software). The whole show was run on a Wholehog® III. Regarding the booth, the award jury said, "The entertaining Sixties flashback, incense included, that combined moving light and digital media technology, is clearly the next wave in the future of lighting."

Another honor went to the Catalyst Pro v3 Software as Debuting Product/Promising Prototype of the Year for Lighting Tools and Software (even though the product is not a prototype and is currently shipping).

Media Contact: Debi Moen, HES Marketing Communications Specialist, by phone at 512-836-2242 x 1204.