Hog 4 Console and Technospots hit Chicago

JR Lighting Design, Inc becomes the first home for Hog 4 and Technospots in Chicago
January 10, 2013


Progressive Lighting Design, Sales, Consultation firm JR Lighting Design, Inc. has become home to the first High End Systems Hog 4 Console and Technospot Automated Luminaires in Chicago.
President, Jason Reberski notes, “We have always been High End Systems supporters with our roots in design and I have personally been a huge proponent of the popular Wholehog III Control Series of consoles and peripherals. When the Hog 4 line was introduced at this past LDI, it made a lot of sense to continue on the Hog path. We recently added a Full Boar 4 and Playback Wing 4 to our rental inventory and plan to continue investing in the line of consoles. They really are brilliant works of engineering with new features like “User Kinds”, future-proof hardware (such as multi-touch screens and solid-state hard drives). As always, the Hog’s unique “fixture abstraction layer” makes for a very comfortable programming environment. The future forecast for software development is also very exciting!”

Reberski also says of his company’s recent Technospot purchase, “I have had my eye on Technospots over the past year and with the success that High End Systems is having with this wonderful fixture across the nation and with more regional companies sharing success stories with the unit, I felt that it was time to invest in them. The Technospot does practically everything a designer could want and is a fully-featured hard-edge profile fixture with CMY Color Mixing, fixed colors, two rotating gobo wheels, zoom, frost, iris, and the unique “Indigo Highlighter” function. The Technospot rivals 700 watt fixtures and in many cases surpasses them in terms of luminous output…but at 575 watts.”

Originally a Design, Sales. Consultation firm, JR Lighting Design, Inc. has seen steady, sustained growth both locally and nationally. Now with a more recent calculated push into the production rental market, the company uniquely positions itself within the cutting edge lighting sector.
“With our beginnings in design, we have a simple philosophy: We buy what we like. The Hog 4 and Technospots are obvious choices in this regard; they allow us to differentiate ourselves within the market and are fantastic products. Everyone I know who has had the pleasure of using the fixtures and consoles has become enamored with them. We see a bright future with High End Systems, the Hog 4 Series, and the excellent, reliable fixtures that Richard Belliveau and the HES team have been developing.”

For more information on JR Lighting Design, Inc. visit: www.JRLightingDesign.com.