Burross Receives HES Lifetime Achievement Award

Craig Burross hits $200M in Lifetime Sales
April 24, 2013

At an intimate gathering in Austin on March 26th, High End Systems National Sales Manager Craig Burross was presented an award from his peers and company founders for his achievement of $200,000,000 in sales of High End Systems' products. The Lifetime Achievement Award for $200M revenue is the culmination of Burross' seventeen years of sales leadership and contribution to High End Systems. In addition to High End Systems co-founders Lowell Fowler and Richard Belliveau, Vice-President of Worldwide Sales Renaat De Wilde, members of the HES sales team and other key employees were also in attendance for the evening's festivities.

Craig joined High End Systems in March of 1991, and was instrumental in the company's sales of Intellabeam HX, Trackspot, Cyberlight, Studio Color and other revolutionary products in the midwestern US region. After nearly a decade with the company, Burross left to explore other industry opportunities, but returned to HES in 2004 to manage the East Coast territory. Craig has subsequently become one of the most successful and influential entities in the entertainment lighting industry, introducing High End Systems' automated and digital lighting and control products to existing and new customers in every conceivable market.

Burross commented, "I am incredibly honored to receive this recognition from my colleagues. I had never calculated the amount of gear sold over the years, so this award took me completely by surprise; I recall it was very enjoyable selling these fine products, and I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. My life's been wonderful with High End Systems, and I'm proud to be a part of the HES family. I'd like to thank my customers and the lighting designers that had faith in our products, the members of our team and the company's owners for their support, and the many mentors that have helped me through the years. It's impossible to name them all, but Sonny Sonnenfeld, Don Stern, John McGraw, John Huddleston, John Wiseman, Aidas Gimbutas, Terry Cain, George Studnicky and many others all influenced my sales mentality and drive in this industry."

Lowell Fowler points out, "Craig Burross is a Guru of sales. He has great technical ability and a passion for his industry and products. Craig's people skills are unsurpassed, and his customers appreciate every opportunity to work with him." Richard Belliveau adds, "I met Craig Burross walking up to High End Systems in 1989. He was working in the professional video trade. He also was an accomplished musician and was determined to work at High End. He was (as he is now) full of energy and determination. Who was going to tell him no?"

In closing, Burross says, "This award is pure motivation for my continued passion for our goals. I think we led the industry with our product stability over time, and 2013 is a very exciting year for High End Systems. With the recently introduced Hog 4 line taking the world by storm, and a host of truly innovative new products such as Cyberlight 2.0, TechnoArc and SolaSpot LED, I look forward to my next $200M, and being a part of this cutting-edge company for years to come!"

Part of the Barco group, High End Systems is the world's foremost an industry leading manufacturer of entertainment lighting and control products. For more information on High End Systems, visit www.highend.com.