In the Spotlight

A long-time staple for major musical touring acts, High End products are now appearing everywhere from television and film to cruise ships and worship services.

2001 Spotlights

Television & Film | Awards

Television & Film

25 Years of Hits - CBS-TV
LD: Allen Branton
70 Studio Color 575
40 Studio Spot 250s
Aired on CBS-TV

Austin City Limits - PBS TV
LD: Bob Selby
Lighting Director: Walter Olden
10 Cyberlights
6 Studio Beams
8 Studio Spot 575s
Aired from KLRU-TV Studios in Austin, TX
(HES is automated lighting sponsor)

Elton John's "Live By Request" Special
LD: Rick Siegel
36 Studio Color 575s
30 Studio Spot 575s
2 Wholehog II consoles
Aired on Arts & Entertainment Channel

Moulin Rouge
starring Nicole Kidman
Hog 1000

Super Bowl Halftime Show 2001
LD: Bob Dickinson
35 Dataflash AF1000s
4 Wholehog II consoles

Vanilla Sky
starring Tom Cruise
LD: Lee Rose
30 Cyberlight Turbo
24 Technobeam
Wholehog II

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