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trackspot Bolt

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The all new trackspot Bolt takes its name and inspiration from two quintessential sources: a classic lighting fixture and the speed of lightning. With modern features such as rotating gobos, remote focus, anamorphic gobos and a wedged color wheel, trackspot Bolt sets a new industry standard for functionality in a moving mirror fixture – much like its namesake did over the last few decades. Most importantly, trackspot Bolt is powered by a state-of-the-art LED lighting engine outputting over 3,000 lumens of pure white light.

The very nature of the powerful LED source provides many important enhancements above non-LED fixtures. With no loss of output over years of use, reduced power consumption and less heat dissipation, trackspot Bolt is a perfect choice for long lasting efficiency.

Utilizing new technology, every motion within the fixture is capable of incredibly high speed movement as well as the smooth, slow changes you’ve come to expect. The rotating lithopatern wheel has seven glass patterns all capable of indexing, rotating, and animating. The anamorphic fixed gobo wheel features seven patterns and unique morphing transitions from pattern to pattern.

Never worry about replacing a lamp again! trackspot Bolt’s amazing 3,000 lumen LED output remains bright and even throughout its lifetime. The original trackspot fixture from High End Systems overwhelmed the world with its versatility and creative abilities. With the new trackspot Bolt you can again create dynamic lighting productions with a small, fast moving mirror fixture!


  • LED light engine with output better than a 250 MSR
  • Color wheel features nine colors plus open
  • Fixed Anamorphic Gobo wheel with seven etched positions, eight anamorphic positions plus open
  • Rotating Gobo wheel with seven Lithopatterns plus open
  • 15 degree beam angle
  • Remote Focus
  • Variable iris
  • Variable strobe
  • No lamp to change, LED source lasts over 25,000 hours
  • Electronic circuit design for smooth dimming


  • • 170° pan and 110° tilt movement
    • Control options: DMX-512; RDM
    • Auto switching Power 100V - 240V, 50/60Hz


  • High-resolution microstepping motor control for smooth motion
  • Computer-designed optical components for maximum light efficiency
  • Easy maintenance access
  • Low-noise, high-efficiency cooling system
  • Break-resistant mirror
  • 5-pin XLR connector
  • LED Menu System
  • ELT/UL and CE compliance
  • Optional Roadcase
  • 3 year warranty


* Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice

* One year product warranty and technical support

High End Systems products are protected by one or more patents listed below and/or subject to one or more pending patents.
For patent information please go to www.highend.com/patents.asp

trackspot Bolt






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