Studio Spot® 575 Zoom

(out of production)

The Studio Spot 575 Zoomis the ideal hard-edged beam companion to the award-winning Studio Color® wash fixture. With its incredibly efficient optics, this fixture outperforms luminaires with lamps twice as powerful. It also projects clean, crisp images that cut through any wash. Ten user-selectable gobos and effects can be installed in two rotating gobo wheels for a wide variety of pattern or logo projections. Options include both standard and custom Lithopatterns® high-resolution media, which offers near photo-quality image projection. The fixture also offers a wide range of additional optical features, including remote focus and strobe effects. An innovative 18° - 30° stepless zoom lens covers the most popular beam angles and can be used side-by-side with normal lenses for a perfect match. An intensely bright, quiet and reliable fixture with precision optics, the Studio Spot is ideal for studio environments or the perfect complement to any rig's wash light luminaires.


  • Two color wheels, one with five replaceable colors, including one color corrector and one fixed open position, and a second with five replaceable colors and one fixed open position
  • Up to 35 possible color combinations
  • Two fully rotating, fully indexable litho wheels with five replaceable lithos or effects and one fixed open position
  • Variable frost (with fixed-focus lens only)
  • Variable iris
  • Variable strobe - dimmable while strobing
  • Remote focus
  • Standard 18° - 30° zoom lens
  • LithoPatterns high-resolution glass gobos deliver customizable, near photo-quality image projection
  • Full optical dimming and fade to black
  • Optical encoders automatically correct head position if manually moved


  • High-resolution microstepping motor control for smooth motion at all speeds
  • Stunningly fast, smooth, and quiet yoke movement using proprietary multi-phase technology
  • Computer-designed optical components for maximum light efficiency
  • Performance-oriented exterior design prevents stray light scatter
  • Convection cooled for quiet, fanless operation via integrated heatsink and reflector combination
  • 3-pin XLR connector


  • 370° pan and 255° tilt movement
  • Operates on 24 DMX channels in standard protocol
  • Power Consumption: 700W max.; 100V - 240V, 50/60Hz
  • Auto-switching power supply


  • MSD 575 lamp (for enhanced lamp life)

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* One year product warranty and technical support

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