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Digital Lighting

Let your imagination lead you with next-generation technology that brings digital video into your DMX-controlled environment. The digital revolution is on!

DLV Digital Light
The DLV Digital Light represents the next evolution in creative lighting. Built on the same industry standard software as the DL.3 Digital Light, the DLV brings digital lighting abilities to any stage, club, or application.

DML-1200 DML-1200 w/ Axon
12.000 field lumens digital luminaire, with DLP video projector capability
Axon Media Server

Axon Media Server

Now smaller and more powerful, the new Axon line of media servers build upon what the Original Axon defined for the industry. The new Axons feature Haswell processors, DirectX 11, and native high resolution playback engine allowing pixel accurate, real time manipulation of content.

ArenaView ArenaView Orbital Head System
Use an entire arena as a creative palette with a package of Barco FLM projectors, ArenaView Orbital Heads and Axon Media Servers.
SDI-DMX Mixer Pro

SDI-DMX Mixer Pro
Offers the ability to switch, mix and matrix four video inputs to four video outputs. Perfect for using with multiple sources and outputs, such as DL.3, DML-1200, video cameras and multiple video projectors and screens.
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