ArenaView™ Orbital Head System

The ArenaView™ Orbital Head is part of a complete turnkey multimedia presentation package for large-scale event facilities.

ArenaView allows venues to not only use the entire arena as a creative palette, but as a source of creative revenue for sporting events, concerts, corporate events or any other production that needs an arena or other large facility to hold it.

With an ArenaView system, you can:
  • Turn the arena floor (or ceiling) into a projected advertising space.
  • Incorporate and change video on-the-fly as excitement happens.
  • Hold audience attention during halftime, player introductions, intermissions or TV time-outs.
  • Sell customizable sponsor ad packages and let the system pay for itself.
  • Engage the crowd in interactive events, teasers, games.
  • Synchronize with broadcast output and scoreboards.
  • Hit virtually any spot in the arena with video or graphics content.
  • Create return on investment (ROI) by selling to facility renters.

ArenaView transforms your arena into a stunning visual showcase by incorporating:
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