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D-Mix Pro

D-Tek D-Mix Pro ™ 4:4 Rack Mount Video Mixer

D-Mix Pro (Front)

The D-Mix Pro unit allows the user the best of both the D-Switch Pro and the D-Mix units, giving the ability to switch, mix and matrix four video inputs to four video outputs. This device is perfect for using with multiple sources and outputs, such as with the DL.3, DL.2, video cameras and multiple video projectors and screens.

The D-Mix Pro unit replaces four conventional video mixers in one package and can be run from a lighting console by the lighting operator rather than the traditional requirement of a second engineer to operate the video systems. This saves money on personnel costs and the lighting and video budget!

This unit allows one lighting operator to switch and mix video in a way never before possible without a large array of expensive video equipment and a team of video personnel!

The D-Mix Pro is rack mountable and remotely controlled enabling the user to locate the unit away from the lighting console and closer to the actual video equipment, reducing setup time and cabling requirements.

D-Mix Pro Features and benefits at a glance


    · Multiple output video control for lighting designers - Unify your show and create extraordinary effects with multiple screens.

    · Replaces 4 traditional video mixers and operators!

    · Multiformat video system - use in almost any country.

    · Pure digital video processing for cleaner crisper video.

    · Upgrade path to D-Mix Ultra available at discount rate - No more equipment obsolescence.

    · Small - 1U rack mount

    · Multiple control methods - DMX, Serial (RS232) or from the menu

    · Composite and S-Video working simultaneously in parallel - 2 D-Mix Pro units for the price of one!

    · Individual digital video processor chips per input and output - No multitasking!

    · Patented Gen-locking bus system

    · Universal Power Supply Unit works anywhere

    · Unique unit - No similar products available and no similar solutions at this price

    · Small - 1U rack mount

D-Mix Pro (Front)

This unit can be controlled from a DMX lighting console or from an RS232 port allowing the unit to interface with almost any system with ease.

The D-Mix Pro supports PAL or NTSC video signals and has Composite Video (CVBS) or S-Video (Y/C) inputs and outputs, which may be used simultaneously in parallel (i.e. Not mixing the signal types), allowing up to eight sources to be switched to eight outputs.

The D-Mix Pro unit also has manual control from the onboard menu system, allowing the user to toggle between inputs, force video standards and automatically chase between all present video inputs.

All signals entering the unit are digitised and validated ensuring no incorrectly formatted or bad video signal will ever go live.

Technical Specifications: Download D-Mix Pro Product Information Here
Input : 4 x Composite(BNC) or 4 x S-Video(4 way Mini-DIN)
Output : 4 x Composite(BNC) or 4x S-Video(4 way Mini-DIN)
Format : Multiformat - PAL or NTSC
(All inputs must be same format)
Control : DMX512 (5Pin XLR) - 7x DMX Channels
RS232 (9Pin D-Type)
Front Panel Menu System
Display : Power LED
DMX Present LED
4 x Video Input Present LED
7 Segment Menu Display
Power : 240 VAC 50 Hz/ 110 VAC 60Hz Switchable IEC Connector on PSU
Casing : 1U x 19” Rack Casing

D-Mix Pro
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