ColorMerge™ Support
User Manual [pdf] 1.25 MB
Technical Data Sheet [pdf] 199 KB
Installing Fixture Software [pdf] 296 KB
Software Downloads
Color Power Firmware[zip] 118 KB

Echo Upload Software use with Hog 3 single universe Widget or USB Upload Dongle

WinUpdate Module use with the Parallel Port Dongle only

                           [Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP/VISTA] 1.33 MB

CAD Symbol Drawings
Physical Dimensions [dxf] 1.48 MB
Physical Dimensions [dwg] 418 KB
Dimensions ColorPower [dxf] 522 KB


Parts List, Pricing, and Ordering Information

Voltage Location Type Part Number
All F1 2.5A Slow - SMT 90402024

Model Type Part Number
ColorMerge Module 4 Pin 59010001
Color Power 5 Pin 65020001

Technical Support
Support and Service Contacts
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