Inspirmedia Outfits Concordia Church With HES Gear For Christmas

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Inspirmedia Outfits Concordia Church With HES Gear For Christmas

March 2017

Inspirmedia Productions recently helped Concordia Lutheran Church drastically change their worship space by adding High End Systems LED lighting for their Christmas program and services. Based in San Antonio, Concordia wanted to include dramatic theatrical lighting to their Christmas presentation featuring Mary Sarah; Inspirmedia’s Phil Grimpo specified six SolaWash FX 1000s, three SolaSpot Pro 2000s, six SolaWash 19s, six SHAPESHIFTER C2s and six SHAPESHIFTER W1s, along with four Platinum Beam 5R Extremes and a dozen LED PARs, all run from a HOG4 console. Inspirmedia also tied into Concordia’s existing house lighting to utilize the fixtures for general house and stage lighting.

Grimpo comments, “The client installed downstage lighting at 3800K - and it is installed at a very high angle. They were looking for more theatrical lighting for their Christmas program that would enhance the service, and also help their online video stream. Because of the aesthetics of the room, they did not want a flown truss to be very obtrusive, so we had to put the flown truss far back above the balcony. Because the distance of the truss was over 100' away from the stage, the lighting we used had to have some real punch. We ended up using SolaSpot Pro 2000's, SolaWash FX 1000's and SolaWash 19's on the downstage truss. The Wash 19's provided an audience / house wash, the SolaWash FX 1000's provided the stage wash and the SolaSpot Pro 2K's provided the spot lights as well as texture on the walls for walk-in looks.”

Adam Countryman was Concordia’s event producer, and Jordan Schoen worked with him on programming and running lights for the services. The SolaRange fixtures handled both hard and soft edged looks ranging from subtle to bold, and the SHAPESHIFTERs were pressed into service for atmospherics and eye candy. Grimpo explains, “The interior space has some tall pillars in front; we used W1's and some static LEDs on the pillars, and the W1's could tilt down for atmospheric effects.  Behind the flowers on the skirt of the stage, we placed C2's for atmospheric and stage effects. The 2K's provided a hard edge to spotlight solo artists; we didn’t use the hard edge on the 1K's very often, as they were used mainly as a general wash.” 

“Because of time and labor constraints, we wanted to keep our setup as simple as possible. Using LED fixtures allowed us to run one Socapex to the downstage truss to power all the fixtures. The SolaSpot Pro 2K's just have so much power and the effects are outstanding. I really liked having a complete HES rig. This meant the colors were going to match; the show looked so clean, and everything was a success.”

Inspirmedia kept staff in San Antonio for ten days, from load-in to load-out. “Having the HOG there was a no brainer, especially since all the profiles were in the console. Sometimes the profiles get a bit difficult to maintain, especially with SHAPESHIFTERs. Having the HOG4 gets rid of this problem.  We plan to do more events in this space, and we will be eventually training the local operators on the HOG console.”


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