Story Sound Illuminates Dutch Army Orchestras With SolaSpots

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Story Sound Illuminates Dutch Army Orchestras With SolaSpots

January 2017

Dutch production company Story Sound recently augmented their lighting inventory with 12 High End System SolaSpot Pro 1000 fixtures; the new gear was used over the holiday season to illuminate Fanfare Korps Nationale Reserve’s (FKNR) Christmas concert, as well as the concerts for Koninklijke Millitaire Kapel Johan Willem Friso (KMKJWF). Held each year at unique locations, the concert performance featured the Orchestras of the Dutch Army, part of the Dutch Ministry of Defense.
Story Sound provides lighting, sound and video for 30 FKNR and KMKJWF concerts throughout the year, and plan to employ the fixtures on these shows as well as many other corporate and theatrical events. The lighting for the holiday concert was designed by Story Sound’s Remo Klok, and the show was programmed and run on a Road Hog 4 console. According to Story Sound’s Paul Lehmann, one of the key features of the design is “to keep it as steady as possible for the musicians, with as much output as possible - so they are not being disturbed in reading the music, but to also keep it nice and smooth for the audience.”
Lehmann says the new High End Systems fixtures are a powerful addition to Story Sound’s inventory, commenting that “the main selling points for us are the high output. fine optics, versatility and low weight. Also, the ambient noise level is remarkable low, which is an interesting feature!”


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