'Double Duty' on R.Kelly's 'Double Up' Tour

Patrick Dierson designs HES products into the large-scale show
November 16, 2007
SHOWGUNs and DL.2s perform "double duty" on "Double Up" tour.

SHOWGUNs and DL.2s perform "double duty" on "Double Up" tour.

Photo by Patrick Dierson

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R. Kelly's "Double Up" U.S. tour kicked off Nov. 14 with 25 High End Systems SHOWGUNs and 18 DL.2s doing "double duty" in the show.

Performance Environment Designer Patrick Dierson of Artfag chose the HES products, supplied by lighting contractor Upstaging, because of their ability to perform in a variety of ways to fit his needs.

On specifying the DL.2s, Dierson says, “The reliability of the DL2s has really been great on this run. They play a major role in the production in doing the double duty of performing formal Collage™ projections as well as intense aerial beam work. We've created an array of aerial projection clips specifically for that duty and it always gets a great reaction from the audience.”

Dierson, who was the first specifier of SHOWGUN on the “Live Earth” broadcast from NYC this year, says, “There were a few reasons why I chose the SHOWGUNs for this tour and not the least of which was because Kells had seen them at a party a while back and thought that they looked really interesting. I love the fact that you can be sitting in the cheapest seat in the house and still have a beam shoot straight by your head. The photonic output of this instrument is amazing. I was also very interested in having a unit that could do double duty in being a wash and hard-edge fixture."

He continues, "I also knew that we'd be using the SHOWGUN's LED ring specifically throughout the show. In particular, there's a segment where Robert ‘conducts’ the lighting as if he were conducting a symphony. The SHOWGUNs' various abilities are used judiciously throughout that segment.”

All in all, he says, “My experience with the DL2s and new SHOWGUN software upgrade (with the Gobo Animation feature) has been nothing short of spectacular on this production."

The U.S. tour runs through Jan. 13, 2008.

Who’s Who
Performance Environment Designer: Patrick Dierson/Artfag, LLC
Touring Lighting Director: Chris Kuroda
HES Equipment: 25 SHOWGUNs, 18 DL.2s
Lighting Contractor: Upstaging
Lighting Programmer: Justin Cheatham
Control Freak Video Programmer: Dirk Sanders
Kinessis Programmer: Troy Smith
Lighting Crew Chief: Jeff Hubbell
Video Vendor: Pete's Big TVs
Scenic Vendor: Atomic Design, Inc.
Staging Vendor: Staging Dimensions
Tour Dates: Nov. 14-Jan. 13, 2008 U.S.