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There’s never been another fixture exactly like TurboRay. Offering a classic retro look with its radial diffusers, TurboRay brings a distinctive appearance to any lighting rig. Used as a punchy narrow-angle washlight or as a powerful hard edge beam that produces beautiful aerial and other effects, the fixture is truly versatile. TurboRay’s soft edges, homogenized color and smooth intensity fall off make for a spectacular wash. And in the air or projected on a surface, the fixture’s animated gobo wheel and other features produce spectacular textures unseen in any other fixture.

  • Additive LED RGBW color mixing system for extremely powerful saturated colors and tunable white control
  • Quadrant control over the fixture’s four LED system
  • Radial diffuser offers a beautiful scenic look
  • Powerful narrow beam for dramatic aerials
  • Smooth and even wash with a punchy 3:1 zoom range
  • Color mixing: Red, Green, Blue, White and linear CTO
  • Custom Animated Gobo wheel for beam texturing
  • LED imaging unlocking primary color aerials
  • Beam angle range: 3° narrow beam, 8-24° wash
  • Color temperature 2800 K - 8000 K
  • Color Wheel for deeper saturates and gorgeous split colors
  • Pan and Tilt Range: 540° Pan, 239° Tilt
  • *Patent Pending Optical Design
  • TurboRay *Hazefree lens coating technology
*Patents Pending


Brave new visuals and classic ACL animated searchlight patterns.

The QUAD features four RGBW LEDs with independent X & Y module control, four high-efficiency TIR lenses and a high-powered indigo backlight system. With its 540° pan and 265° tilt, the QUAD offers unprecedented movement capabilities.

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