4.8 Backing Up Your Show

It is recommended that you backup your show file regularly by saving a compressed copy of your show file on the console's hard disk or on a USB Flash Drive. Backup files are small in size and are also easy to transfer from one console to another. Compressed backups provide a method for reverting to older archives of your show file should a major problem occur with your show file.

Use the following steps to make a compressed show file backup:

  1. SetupShowsCurrent Show

  2. Click Backup.

  3. Browse to a location on the hard drive or an external disk to save the backup file.

  4. Click OK. A compressed copy of your show will be saved with ‘_bck’ appended to its file name.


You should backup your show files to external media regularly so that if something catastrophic happens to you console or internal hard drive you can still access the backups.

The Hog 4, and Full Boar 4 consoles also feature a quick backup button on the bottom right hand side of the right screen's main toolbar. Clicking on the "backup" button will quickly generate a backup of your show file in the shows directory using your show file's name. If other backups with the same name exist in the shows directory the console will automatically append the new backup file with a number.