29.6 DMX Processor Software Full Install

The following procedure will install a full copy of the DMX Processor software onto the DMX Processor. The procedure is usually only necessary in cases where software updates are failing or when the compact flash drive inside the DMX Processor has been replaced.

  1. Insert a USB Flash drive with at least 1 GB of total capacity into a Windows PC running Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows 10.

  2. Hold the Windows key on your keyboard and then press the R key.

  3. In the run dialogue box type "cmd" and press enter (allow permissions if prompted). A black command line terminal window will open.

  4. At the command prompt window type "diskpart" and press enter.

  5. At the diskpart> prompt type "list disk" and press enter.

  6. Look at the disk size to determine which disk is the USB flash drive.

  7. Type "select disk #" where the # is the disk number. Then press enter.

  8. Type "clean" and press enter.

  9. Type "create partition primary" and press enter.

  10. Type "active" and press enter.

  11. Type "exit" and press enter.

  12. Open a file browser window and identify the drive letter associated with the USB flash drive.

  13. Go back to the command prompt window an type "format ?: /fs:fat32 /q" (replace the ? with the drive letter for the USB flash drive as identified in the previous step).

  14. Type "DP_RESTORE" as the text label for the volume and press enter.

  15. Download the latest DP8K Restore zip file from the DMX Processor product page on the High End Systems website.

  16. Unzip the DP8K Restore zip file onto the USB flash drive (note: the extracted files should be in the root directory on the USB flash drive and not in a folder)

  17. Remove the USB flash drive from the Windows PC and insert the USB flash drive into one of the USB ports on the back of the DMX Processor.

  18. Power off the DMX Processor.

  19. Power on the DMX Processor (do not press any buttons on the front panel of the DMX Processor while powering on).

  20. The DMX Processor will automatically perform a full software install. This process will take approximately 2 minutes to complete. Once complete the display will read “HES: Remove External USB”.

  21. Remove the USB Flash drive from the dmx processor. The DMX Processor will now reboot.

  22. The DMX Processor is now ready for normal operation. Please note that you will need to reset the port number, net number, and IP address settings on the DMX Processor, as these are lost during the full install process.


    Do not leave the USB stick created in this procedure plugged into a DMX processor during normal operation as this will cause an unwanted software install each time the DMX processor is reset.