25.3 Setting DMX Channels to External Art-Net Source

To set a dmx channel or group of dmx channels to values based on a remote Art-Net source:

  1. Open the DMX Output window (press the SETUP key on the front panel and select the DMX button on the main toolbar)

  2. Use the two drop down menus at the top of the DMX Output window to select the corresponding DP8000 and universe you wish the manipulate

  3. Select the desired dmx channel cell in the spreadsheet (or highlight a group of dmx channel cells)

  4. Press the "Set to Art-Net Input" button in the top (the value will now be displayed in red)

  5. Open the network settings window for the corresponding DP8000 and ensure the corresponding Hog universe has its Art-Net input enabled and set to listen to the correct universe and sub-net (Fixture Net such as IP address and netmask must also be set appropriate as similar to when outputting art-net)


Do not configure the DP8000's Art-Net input and output settings for a given Hog universe to the same Art-Net subnet/universe.