29.8 Upgrading Hog 2 USB DMX Widgets

Some older USB DMX Widgets (single universe) are compatible only with Hog 2. These USB DMX widgets will need to be upgraded to be compatible with Hog 4 OS. Please contact your High End Systems dealer for pricing and details. When purchasing, you need to provide your Widget serial number and Widget ID number. Once the upgrade is purchased, you will receive an Upgrade Kit for each USB DMX Widget. This kit contains labeling, hardware, software, and a unique authorization code compatible only with the specified widget serial number.

After receiving your upgrade kit, follow these steps to upgrade your USB DMX Widget:

  1. Connect your USB DMX Widget(s) that match the serial numbers on the included authorization sheet to your Hog 4 OS console or Windows PC running Hog 4 PC.

  2. Press the control panel button in the start screen of the Hog 4 OS. Navigate to the diagnostics tab of the control panel and press the Widget Upgrades button.

  3. The widget upgrade utility wizard will now appear. Press Next to begin.

  4. Select a Widget ID number from the drop down menu. To confirm the identity of the selected widget, press the Beacon button to flash the LEDs on the widget. If the drop down menu displays ‘No DMX Widgets found!’, check your USB connections. Press Next to continue to the next step.

    Widget Upgrade Utility step 2.
  5. Enter the authorization code for the selected widget and press Next (the authorization code is delivered with the Widget Upgrade Kit). If the code is incorrect an error message will be displayed. Re-enter the proper authorization code. Codes are unique for each USB DMX Widget and will not function unless they match the expected serial number and Widget ID number.

    Widget Upgrade Utility step 3.
  6. Once complete, the widget will be fully upgraded. You can now select Upgrade Another to upgrade another widget, or press Finish to exit the application. In the event of an error, a message will be displayed. Please contact High End Systems support for further assistance; see How to Report Problems to Support.

    Widget Upgrade Utility step 4.