10.6 Renaming & Customizing Preview Images

Users can define custom names and images for fixture previews using the media picker. For example, if a fixture in the rig has a custom gobo installed the user may want to change the library defined preview image to a custom image or change the library defined preview name to a custom name in order to better represent the custom gobo being used in the rig.

Customizing preview images and/or names in your show can be done using the follow steps:

  1. Open the media picker window

  2. Select the fixture(s) you want to customize

  3. In the media picker window select the preview you wish to change

  4. Hit the [set] key

  5. Use the text field to rename the preview and/or click on the "Change..." button to browse for a custom image. Images can be imported from a USB flash drive or chosen from the thumbnail library folder on the console. (supported image formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF)

  6. The custom preview name and image you chose will now appear anywhere that preview is presented in the show such as on the slot toolbar, in the media picker, and in direct entry menus.

Figure 10.2. Media Picker Window

Defining Custom Preview Names and Thumbnails in the Media Picker Window