29.1 Console Software Update

Hog console software can be updated using an fpspkg update installer package downloadable from the High End website. Hog 4 PC is upgraded using an separate installer package. For details on installing/upgrading Hog 4 PC see Hog 4 PC.


Updating console software removes all manually installed fixture libraries from the console.

To update software on a Hog 4 Series Console:

  1. Download the latest Software update installer from the High End website (once downloaded the file name will be Hog4_X-X-X-X.fpspkg where the Xs represented the software version number). Be sure to also check the release notes for the specific software version as special install instructions may also apply.

  2. Copy the software update installer file to a USB Flash drive.

  3. Insert the USB Flash drive containing the software update file into any USB slot on the console.

  4. Press the Software Update button located at the bottom of the start window.

  5. Browse to the USB flash drive and select the appropriate sofware update file, and press OK.

  6. Hog 4 OS will continue with the software upgrade without further interaction. Upgrades typically take less than 25 seconds to complete unless otherwise noted in the release notes. When the upgrade completes, all dialogue boxes will close and the start screen will reappear. Check the splash screen to ensure the console is running the upgraded software version.