29.5 DMX Processor Software Update

When updating console software it is also necessary to update the software on all attached dmx processors as well.

  1. Connect the console's HogNet Ethernet port and the Dmx Processor's HogNet Ethernet port to the same physical Ethernet network.

  2. Ensure the console and the DMX Processor are both powered on, set to the same port number, and have their HogNet adapters set to IP addresses that are within the same subnetwork.

  3. On the console: SetupNetwork : (opens the Network window).

  4. The network window will display any connected dmx processors that have a mismatched software version under the "Upgradeable Nodes" section.

  5. Press the upgrade nodes button at the top of the network window.

  6. All attached nodes requiring an upgrade should begin and finish the upgrade process within 2 minutes.

  7. If the dmx processor upgrade is failing or if the console does not recognize the DMX Processor then proceed to the next step.

  8. Turn off the mains power to the dmx processor.

  9. Load a new show on the console and open the control panel window. (Setup -> Control Panel).

  10. Navigate to the network tab in the control panel and ensure that the "Enable DHCP Server" and "Enable Boot Server" buttons are enabled.

  11. With the dmx processor still turned off, hold down the all three front panel buttons and then power the dmx processor on. The display should now read "Forcing software reload".

  12. The dmx processor will download its software from the console and reboot. The DP's net number and port number settings will be set back to defaults.

  13. If the dmx processor still isn't updating then try performing a DMX Processor Full Install.