31.2 Hog 4 OS Key Combinations

Several of the functions of the Hog 4 OS can be accesed through use of the front panel key combinations and onscreen button combinations found in the tables below.


Pig + Blind

Fades Changes when blinding and unblinding

Pig + Clear


Pig + Flip

Sends fixture selection through possible flip positions in reverse order

Pig + Park

Unparks selected fixtures, rather than parking them

Pig + Touch

Touches specified parameters and fixtures but as record ineligible

Pig + parameter wheels

Allows fine adjustment of the wheel's value

Pig + Recordinverts the current kind masking scheme for that record operation
Pig + Mergeinverts the current kind masking scheme for that merge operation

Pig + Fixture

Tokens the word "plot" on the commandline
+ + any encoder wheelSets wheel to maximum value when encoder turned clockwise or minimum value when encoder turned counter-clockwise
- + any encoder wheelInverts wheel between positive and negative values when available (ex: gobo rotation)
backspace + any encoder wheelknocks out the coordinating parameter value for selected fixtures in the current active editor

. + any encoder wheel

Sets wheel to default value

Pig + . + any encoder wheel

Sets wheel to default value and mode

. + any kind button

Sets all parameters of that kind to their default values

Open + Fixture

Opens the fixture window.

Pig + @

When patching with View by DP enabled, unpatches the selected fixtures

Pig + I-Wheel

Increases/decreases intensities in proportion to their individual level.

For example, if fixture 1 is at 10%, 2 at 50% and the wheel is increased by 10%,

then fixture 1 will move to 11% and 2 will move to 55%

Window Control

Pig + Open + Colour

Opens the Colour Picker window

Pig + Open + Beam

Opens the Media Picker window

Pig + Open + FixtureOpens the Plots directory

Open + backspace

Closes active window

Open + Thru

Cycles through open windows (change focus)

Open + Full

Maximizes active window

Open + @

Moves active window to next screen

Open + /

Copies and splits active window

Open + +

Sizes active window clockwise

Open + -

Sizes active window counter-clockwise

Pig + Size (on Window Control Toolbar)

Cycles through the possible window sizes in the reverse order

Open + 1-9

Opens view 1-9

Open + 0

Opens view 10

Pig + Next (on the View Toolbar)

Changes view toolbar to previous page of views, rather than next page of views

Open + first encoder wheel

Vertical Window Scroll (up/down)

Open + second encoder wheel

Horizontal Window Scroll (left/right)

Open + third encoder wheelZoom (plot window only)

Pig + Set

Acts as a right mouse click

Pig + arrow keys

Allows for selection of multiple cell items in spreadsheets

Pig + Backspace

Removes values from the currently highlighted cells in the Programmer or editor

Pig + Copy

Copies the contents of the currently selected cells

Pig + Move

Pastes into the currently selected cells


Pig + Set

Acts as a right mouse click

Pig + arrow keys

Extends directory item selection

Pig + button in a directory

Overrides directory Guard button

File Browser

Pig + Set

Acts as a right mouse click

Pig + click on file

Allows for selection of multiple files (Pig key is acting like control key)


Pig + Release

Releases all active cuelists and scenes

List + Release

Releases any active cuelists NOT attached to masters on the current page

Scene + Release

Releases any active scenes NOT attached to masters on the current page

Pig + Main Play

Plays all cuelists and scenes attached to masters on the current page

Pig + Main Pause

Pauses all cuelists and scenes attached to masters on the current page
Holding choose for any physical masterAllows for the adjustment of that master's playback rate, effect rate, and effect size, and intensity using the main encoder wheels
Console Debug

Pig + Open + Backspace

Opens the Launched Processes window

Pig + Open + 1

Opens the Log Viewer window

Pig + Open + 5

Opens the debug toolbar

Pig + Open + Delete

Restarts the console after holding this key combination for 5 seconds


Pig + Enter

Toggles the function keys between Kind Key and Command Key mode

Pig + Setup

Toggles the worklight on and off

Pig + Undo


Pig + text with on-screen keyboard

Acts as a shift key, to type upper case characters

Setup + first encoder wheel button

Calibrate touchscreens; quit calibration by pressing enter key

Setup + encoder wheels

Adjustment for brightness of lcd backlights, leds on front panel keys, desklights, and worklight

Pig + .

Toggles slot toolbar and encoder wheel toolbar on/off

Pig + 0, 1, 2, 3, etc.

Toggles playback bars on/off