5.1 Adding Fixtures

To add a fixture to a show:

  1. Open + Fixture : opens the Fixture window.

  2. Press the Fixture Schedule button in the top left hand corner of the Fixture window. The Fixture Schedule window will open with a list of fixture personalities in the current show file as well as fixtures that are part of the currently chosen Fixture Library.

    • The currently chosen fixture library is listed at the bottom of the fixture selection window. To add fixtures from another library you must first install the library onto your console. See Download and Install Fixture Libraries for details.

    • Each fixture is listed under its manufacturer, while conventional fixtures such as Desk Channels and Scroller-Dimmers are listed under Generic.

    • The DMX Footprint column displays each fixture's total dmx channel count. This can often be helpful when determining which fixture you should schedule when several modes or options exist.

    • To filter the names of the fixtures to more quickly find the exact fixture type you are looking for type a fixture name into the Search fixture name field at the top of the window.

    • To filter the list of fixtures to only the fixtures currently scheduled in the show by click on the Limit to fixture in use button at the top of the Fixture window.

    • To view the individual parts of compound fixtures click on the Show Compound Parts button. This is recommended for advanced users only.

    Figure 5.1. The Fixture Schedule window

    The fixture schedule window, showing manufacturers
  3. Once you find the fixture type you wish to add, click on or touch the fixture in the list and use the count column to input the number fixtures of that type your wish to add.

  4. When you have finished select OK and you will now see these added fixtures list in the patch window where you will assign them user numbers, and patch them to outputs.