17.3 Choosing and Selecting Masters

At all times one of the physical masters of the console is chosen. When a master is chosen its choose LED will be illuminated, the title of the master will be shown on the playback bar with a blue background, and the master's name will be announced on the main toolbar. The chosen master can be controlled using the play, halt, back, and pause keys in the main playback section of the console. The chosen master also directly receives commands from the command line such as record, goto, and delete when a destination is not otherwise specified. There can only be one chosen master at a time. To choose a master simply press the choose button associated with that master.

Masters can also be selected. Selected masters respond to rate wheel changes and the main playback controls but only the choosen master will receive commands from the command line. To select a master hold down the choose key of one master while pressing the choose keys of other masters. When selecting multiple masters the last choose key to be released will become the choosen master. When a master is selected it's choose LED will flash and the title of the master will be shown on the playback bar with a striped blue background.

Figure 17.5. Example: Master 1 is chosen / Masters 2 thru 4 are selected

example of chosen and selected masters