18.2 Creating a New Page

Selecting a page that currently does not exist will automatically create a blank page and load it onto the masters. Cuelists, scenes and inhibitive masters can then be assigned to the masters on the newly created page.

To create a new page:

  1. Open + Page : opens the Page Directory.

  2. Make sure that Guard is not selected in the Page Directory, otherwise you will not be able to create a new page using this method.

  3. Press a button in the Page Directory where you want to create the new page. A new, blank page is created.

  4. Set [name] Enter : name the page.

Or, using the command line:

  1. Page [number] Enter : a new, blank page is created.

  2. Set [name] Enter : name the page.


When you create a new, blank page, it is automatically loaded onto the physical playback masters. By default, any cuelists, scenes and inhibitive masters that were previously loaded will be released, and their contents will no longer be output from the console. You can change this behaviour; see Options When Changing Page.