8.4 Deleting Palettes


Deleting a palette will remove all references to the palette that have been recorded in cues, scenes and other palettes, and replace the references with numerical parameter values. Creating a new palette in the same location will not replace the references, which are removed once the palette is deleted.

To delete a palette using the command line:

  1. Colour 1 Delete : deletes Colour Palette 1.

  2. Click OK to confirm the delete.

Or, from the palette directory:

  1. Press and hold Delete whilst selecting the palette to be deleted from directory.

  2. Release the Delete key. A dialog will appear asking you to confirm the delete.

  3. Click OK.


If you prefer not to be asked to confirm the delete action, select Don't Ask Me Again in the confirmation window. You can reenable the confirmation by going to SetupPreferencesProgramming and selecting Confirm before deleting directory items.