9.6 Buttons Across Option

By default each directory window will display as many buttons across as can possibly fit into the dimensions of the directory window as it is sized on the screen. The buttons across option allows users to specify exactly many cells across the directory window should draw before starting a new row of buttons. This is handy for users who like to cycle directory windows through different sizes but would prefer the button layout remains the same. A horizontal scrollbar is displayed in cases where the “buttons across” value is greater than the number of buttons that the directory window can physically fit across the window due to its current size. For legacy Hog behavior use the “auto” option. To change the buttons across option for any directory window click on theConfigure icon to open the window configuration menu and adjust the buttons across value. The option to change the number of buttons across the directory window is unique to each directory and is also stored in views.

Figure 9.7. Buttons Across Option

Screenshot fragment, showing the buttons across option.