9.3 Color Coding

Each button within a directory window can be color coded to help distinguish it from the other buttons in the directory. To color code a directory button right click on the button in the directory window and choose from a preset palette of 12 colors, mix a custom color, or choose to have the console auto-color code the button based on the dominant mixed color data recorded in the button (palette buttons only).

Figure 9.3. Right Click Color Coding Menu

Screenshot fragment, showing color coding menu

9.3.1 Coloring the entire button

By default each directory window displays color coding using an outline around the directory buttons. If you prefer that the console color the entire background of the directory buttons click on the icon to open the window configuration menu and enable the "Color Code Entire Button" option. The option to color code the entire button is unique for each directory and is also stored when you record a directory window into a view.

Figure 9.4. Color Coding Entire Button

Screenshot fragment, showing color coding