31.3 DMX Processor 8000 Front Panel Button Combinations

The keys on the front panel of the DMX Processor 8000 are used for standard menu navigation. However as the unit boots you can view specific boot information via a scroll bar. Once the DMX Processor 8000 is fully booted, it displays the standard menu. In addition the following reset options are available:

Hard Reset: to force a hard reset of the DMX Processor 8000, hold the middle and bottom buttons for four seconds (use the center and right buttons for older DP8000 units where the front panel buttons are laid out horizontally). Once the reset begins you will see I/O Board Disconnected on the display.

DMX Board Firmware Reload: to reload the DMX board firmware from the Processor's front panel, hold down any single button the DP8000 front panel as the unit is powered on. Once the process begins you will see the DP8000 Bootloader message on the display. After about one minute the firmware will be reloaded.

CPU Board Firmware Reload and Restore to Defaults: to reload the CPU board firmware hold down all three buttons on the front of the DP8000 as the unit is powered on. The DMX Processor 8000 will then reload its firmware from the network. Once the process begins you will see the Forcing Software Reload message on the display.