7.5 Editing Group Contents

To edit a group's contents, select the group within the Programmer or editor, make changes to the selection and re-record the group. Hog 4 OS will ask you to choose from Insert, Merge and Replace. Select Replace to update the group with the new selection.

7.5.1 Removing Fixtures from Groups

You can remove the fixtures that are currently selected in the Programmer or editor from a previously recorded group. If you have a fixture selected in the Programmer or editor that is not in the group, that fixture is ignored.

For example, if you have a group containing fixtures 1-5, and you want to remove Fixture 2:

  1. Fixture 2, Enter : select the fixture you want to remove.

  2. Record, Remove : the Remove button is on the Record Options Toolbar at the bottom of the right-hand screen.

  3. Group 5, Enter : removes Fixture 2 from Group 5.