23.5 Editing Timecode Values for a Cue

To change the timecode value used to trigger a cue:

  1. OpenChoose : open the Cuelist window.

  2. Select the Wait cell for the cue, and press Set.

  3. From the toolbar, select Timecode.

  4. Enter a timecode value in hours, minutes, seconds and frames, in the form hh/mm/ss.ff, then press Enter.

You may need to change the timecode value for one cue, and then change the timecode values for subsequent cues by the same amount, to keep the same relative timings. For example, you might have a series of cues where each one is triggered by timecode one second after the previous one. If the timecode value triggering the first cue needs to be increased by 12 frames, you may want the values for all the subsequent cues to also be increased by 12 frames to maintain the 1 second separation. Hog 4 OS allows you to do this easily:

  1. OpenChoose : open the Cuelist window.

  2. Click and drag to select the Wait cells for the range of cues you want to edit.

  3. Press Set.

  4. Edit the timecode value of the first cell then press Enter. All the selected timecode values will be adjusted by the same amount of time added or subtracted from the first value.