4.13 Importing/Exporting Fixture and Patch Data

This section covers which types of fixture data and patch data can be imported/exported and the file formats supported for each.

4.13.1 Exporting Fixture and Patch Data to an XML File

To export all fundamental fixture and patch data from a show file into an XML document:

  1. FixtureOpen : opens the fixture window.

  2. Press the Export Patch button located at the top of the fixture window.

  3. Select a file location for export, give the file a name, and press okay.

  4. Once the export is complete a dialogue box will appear confirming export is complete. Press okay.

4.13.2 Importing Fixture and Patch Data from an XML File

Importing fixture and patch data into a show file adds new fixtures to the show specified in the XML document that do not already exist in the show file and also overwrites any existing data for fixtures that match the fixture type and user number data specified in the XML doument. Imported data includes DMX patch records, IP address patch records, pan/tilt invert settings, patch notes, and so forth. Second, the import will schedule any fixtures specified in XML document that are not already in the show (along with any supplemental patch data or fixture information for those fixtures). Importing fixture and patch data will NEVER modify, delete, or alter any fixture programming in the show file. Importing Fixture and Patch data only adds and/or modifies the scheduled fixtutres and their patch information.

To import an XML file containing fixture and patch data into a show:

  1. FixtureOpen : opens fixture window window.

  2. Press the Import Patch button located at the top of the fixture window.

  3. Select an XML file to import and press okay.

  4. If the import process is successful a dialogue box will appear confirming import is complete. Press okay.

  5. If non-conforming data or errors are detected the xml import WILL NOT complete and an error dialogue box will appear. Press the details button on the error to see more information about the issues detected in the xml document. Make note of the errors mentioned in the dialogue box, make the neccessary adjustments to the XML document in a separate XML editor on your PC, save the file, and then re-attempt to import.


    The console creates any missing DPs in the show to accomodate the patch points used in the imported XML fixture import file. XML fixture import does not require physical DPs to be attached or running. When importing fixtures via XML, Hog 4 OS schedules fixtures using the library currently selected in the fixture schedule window. If the selected fixture library is a special library such as one downloaded from the FTP site or if the selected library is "invalid", then the fixture XML import will fail because the fixtures cannot be found.