27.1 Download and Install Fixture Libraries

In most cases the best way to ensure you have the latest Hog 4 OS fixture library on your console is to ensure you are running the latest Hog 4 OS version. However, sometimes High End will release full library updates as well as smaller single fixture libraries on the High End System website between software releases in order to ensure users have the most up-to-date information as possible. This section will cover how to install these full libraries onto any Hog 4 series console.


Before installing a new Full Fixture Library onto the console you must first delete the Full Fixture Library already installed on the console. Failing to do so will result in an error. This is not required when installing individual fixture libraries downloaded from the High End Systems ftp site.

To install a fixture library onto console:

  1. Download a supported fixture library from the web:

    Latest full fixture library can be found here: http://www.highend.com/support/product-downloads/fixture-library

    Single fixture libraries can be found here: ftp://ftp.highend.com/hogsupport/fixturelibraries

  2. Copy downloaded fixture library to a USB flash drive.

  3. Insert USB flash drive into the console.

  4. Navigate to the Hog 4 OS start screen and click on the File Browser button.

  5. Use the file browser window to drag and drop the fixture library file from the USB flash drive into the libraries directory on the console.

  6. The fixture library is now installed on the console.


Updating console software removes all manually installed fixture libraries from the console.

To schedule fixtures from the different fixture libraries installed on the console:

  1. Open the Fixture Window.

  2. Click on the Fixture Schedule button.

  3. Click on the Select Library button at the bottom of the fixture schedule window.

  4. Choose the installed fixture library you want to schedule fixtures from and press okay.

  5. Use the fixture schedule window to schedule fixtures from the fixture library you selected in step 4.