30.3 Hardware Installation

Hardware installation for Hog 4 PC should only be performed after the Hog 4 PC software has been installed on your computer.

30.3.1 Unpacking Hardware Components

If you ordered a USB DMX Widget, Super Widget, or Super Duper Widget you should have received:

  • USB Widget

  • Power supply (not needed for single universe dmx widget)

  • USB cable

  • Hog 4 PC software installation CD

If you ordered a USB Wing, you should have received:

  • USB Wing

  • Protective cover for the wing

  • USB cable

  • Power supply unit with IEC power cable

  • LED desklight with protective pouch

If you ordered an LTC/Midi Combo I/O Widget, you should have received:

  • USB I/O widget

  • USB cable

30.3.2 USB DMX Widgets

Hog 4 PC supports up to eight universes of DMX output via USB DMX widgets. You can connect any combination of USB DMX Super Widgets or USB DMX Widgets or USB DMX Super Duper Widgets to total 8 DMX outputs. In addition, an unlimited number of DMX outputs is possible when using Hog DMX Processors. Connecting and mapping DMX Widgets to Hog 4PC also enables those Hog universes to be output through art-net and sACN.

Always connect DMX widgets either directly to your computer, or to a self-powered hub.

To configure Widgets:

  1. SetupNetwork : open the Network window.

  2. Select the DMX Processor 8000 in the list by clicking on its Network Number, and press the Settings button to open the DMX Processor Settings window. See Figure 30.1, “Widget Outputs pane of the DMX Processor Settings window”

  3. Select the Widget Outputs pane.

  4. The Hog 4 PC application provides one port for each of the DMX outputs on the DMX Processor in the show file. To configure a widget to an output port of a DMX Processor, click on the box associated with the port and select the widget from the list of serial numbers that appears. Super Widget ports will appear with the serial number followed by an output number.

  5. Click Apply or OK to confirm the selection. The widgets that have been connected should now have their Active, DMX OK and TX Mode indicators illuminated.

Some widget serial numbers will appear with red text. This indicates that the USB DMX Widget is not compatible with Hog 4 PC and must be upgraded; see Upgrading Hog 2 USB DMX Widgets.


You can identify which widget is connected to the port by selecting the Beacon button to the right of the port. The widget connected to that port will flash its indicator lights for a few seconds.

Figure 30.1. Widget Outputs pane of the DMX Processor Settings window

Screenshot of widget outputs pane of the DMX processor settings

30.3.3 USB Wings

The USB Programming and Playback Wings can be used either with or without the supplied external power supplies. If used without, the desklight and internal USB hub will not function, and LED dimming will be unavailable. All other functions will remain unaffected. The USB Expansion wing is self powered and requires external power.

When the internal hub is active (with an external power supply connected), it operates as a self powered hub. It is therefore possible to connect high-power USB devices to the internal hub, such as the USB DMX Widget, or another Wing.

USB Wings are high-power USB devices when used without an external power supply, and so should not be connected to bus powered USB hubs unless the external power supply is connected.

Use the supplied cables to connect any Flying Pig Systems USB devices to your computer. Windows should automatically detect and install the new hardware. This process may take a few seconds, but should not require any input from you. If this is the case, you may ignore the following section on troubleshooting.