30.1 Software Installation

Hog 4 PC is a software program that runs the Hog 4 OS on Windows based computers. You can download the current version for no charge at www.highend.com.

The software can be used as an offline editor, a backup server, or a stand alone controller through the use of USB DMX Widgets or DMX Processors.

Hog 4 PC system requirements:

Since the Hog 4 OS makes use of multiple processes communicating via TCP/IP sockets, some Windows computer configurations may prevent the Hog 4 PC processes from communicating with each other.

Not meeting the system requirements, a lack of an enabled network connection, or multiple active network connections, and/or firewall settings can all result in Hog 4 PC communication failures. These communication failures typically cause the Splash Screen to repeatedly display ‘Scanning port 6600’ in its status window or other system errors when launching Hog 4 PC.

To install Hog 4 PC:

  1. Download the installer for the latest version of Hog 4 PC from the High End Systems website. (once downloaded the file name will be Hog4PC_X-X-X-X.msi where the Xs represented the software version number).

  2. Double click on the Hog 4 PC installer file to launch the install wizard. The Hog 4 PC installer will check your operating system and windows installer versions, and then display the welcome screen.

    Screenshot of Setup Wizard page 1.
  3. Ensure any Hog 4 USB devices (such as widgets or wings) have been disconnected from your computer, and click on the Next button to continue.

  4. The wizard displays an End User License Agreement. After you select I accept the terms in the License Agreement, you can click the Next button to continue.

    Screenshot of Setup Wizard page 2.
  5. You can now choose which features of Hog 4 PC you wish to install. The listed options will vary depending on which components are already installed on your machine. Select your preferences and click on Next to continue.

    Screenshot of Setup Wizard page 3.
  6. By default the software will be installed into the ‘C:\Program Files\Flying Pig Systems\hog4pc\’ directory. You can use the Browse button to navigate to another location for the application.

  7. After selecting a drive location and components to install, click on Next to continue installation.

  8. This prompts a Ready to Install screen with instructions on beginning or cancelling the installation. Click Install to begin installing.

    Screenshot of Setup Wizard page 5.
  9. When the installation has finished, a final screen confirms that the application has successfully installed. Click Finish. You will then be prompted to restart your computer.

    Screenshot of Setup Wizard page 7.

It is important that you restart your computer at this point to ensure proper device driver configuration.

A Hog 4 PC group will be added to the Programs folder on your Start Menu, with icons to start the Hog 4 PC application and view installed documentation. A shortcut to the Hog 4 PC application will also appear on your desktop.

In addition to the Hog 4 PC application, the Hog 4 PC group contains the Hog 4 PC Widget Upgrader and a link to the User Manual.


When running the Windows firewall or aftermarket firewall products, the firewall may block TCP/IP communications. Often, you can add exceptions for the individual Hog 4 PC processes, or add exceptions for traffic that has a source IP address and destination IP address that are both pointing to the local machine. Refer to the documentation provided with your firewall for further details.