17.11 Inhibitive Masters

Inhibitive masters allow you to limit the intensity of a group of fixtures. If the inhibitive master is at full, then the fixtures that it controls will be at the level determined by the playbacks, Programmer, and so on. As the inhibitive master level is reduced, the fixture intensities will be reduced in proportion. For example, if you have four fixtures at 0%, 50%, 80% and 100% in a cue that is being output, and these fixtures are also in an inhibitive master, then the levels will change as follows:

Fixture: 1 2 3 4
Master at 100% 0 50 80 100
Master at 50% 0 25 40 50
Master at 0% 0 0 0 0

Pressing the Flash key of an inhibitive master is the same as momentarily changing its fader level to 0%, taking all fixture intensities controlled by the inhibitive master to 0%. Intensity values are restored when you release the key.

To create an inhibitive master:

  1. Record a group containing the required fixtures. See Recording Groups.

  2. Group, Group : open the Group Directory.

  3. Select the required group. To ensure you don't select the group in the Programmer or editor, enable the Guard button in the Group Directory, or press and hold the Pig key while selecting the group.

  4. Move, Choose : move the group to the required master.

Or, using the command line:

  1. Record a group containing the required fixtures.

  2. Group [group number] Move Choose

The Playback Bar will show the group name above the chosen master. When the master level is less than 100%, the Playback Bar will also display a bar showing the level. When the Flash key is pressed, the Playback Bar will display BO; see Figure 17.11, “The display of Inhibitive Masters on the Playback Bar”.

Figure 17.11. The display of Inhibitive Masters on the Playback Bar

Annotated screenshot fragments, showing inhibitive masters on the playback bar at full, at 50%, and with the flash key pressed.