23.2  LTC Input into a DMX Processor 8000

Linear Timecode (LTC) is a form of SMPTE timecode encoded into an audio signal. The Hog 4 OS can listen to LTC by inputting the LTC signal to a USB LTC widget attached to a DP8000.

To bring LTC into the system using a DMX Processor 8000:

  1. Connect an external USB LTC widget to one of the USB ports on the rear panel of the DMX Processor 8000 (up to 8 USB LTC widgets are supported on the DP8000; each LTC input is mapped to an "Index")

  2. Connect the LTC source to the LTC widget using a balanced 3-pin XLR connector

  3. SetupNetwork : opens the Network window.

  4. In the network window select the DP8000 that you connected the LTC Widget to

  5. Settings : opens the Settings window.

  6. In the Timecode Widgets pane, use the drop down menu to map the attached LTC widget to an index.

    Timecode mapping pane of DMX Processor node setttings window