1.2 Manual Symbols

The following formatting conventions are used in the text of this manual:

XXXX - text that is italicized and underlined indicates a reference to a term in the glossary.

XXXX - dark red text indicates the name of an interface element such as a button, key, or window.

[XXXX] - dark red text inside a set of brackets indicates a button that has a label specific to the show that is created by the console or the user.

XXXX - dark blue text indicates information that you should literally input into the Hog 4 OS verbatim.

[XXXX] - dark blue text inside a set of brackets indicates the manual is only describing the type of information that you should input into the Hog 4OS.

XXXX, XXXX, XXXX- dark red text separated by commas indicates key or button presses that are sequential.

XXXX + XXXX - dark red text followed by + indicates a key or button press that is held down while the second key or button is pressed.

XXXXXXXXXXXX - dark red text mixed with arrows indicates a sequence of operations that navigate you through windows and toolbars.

You will also find important or useful information highlighted:


Information regarding potetial hazards to the equipment or your personnel.


Information regarding items require special attention.


Information to help you be more productive in your programming.