3.6 Adding Master Wings

You can increase the number of physical masters by adding Master Wings to the console. The Master Wing is a USB device with 30 faderless masters, a rate wheel, and a 15" LED baclit screen. The backit LED screen can be enabled to display any information you move to that monitor including Playback Bars. The Master Wing connects to the console in the control panel under the playback wings section. The Master wing's desklight and front panel LED settings will always match the console. The virtual fader level of the 30 faderless masters on the Master Wing can be configured in the Virtual Faders pane of the User Preferences window.

To attach a Master Wing:

  1. Apply AC power to the wing and connect the wing's USB port and DVI port to the console. The rate wheel on the Master Wing will already begin to function at this time with no further configuration.

  2. SetupControl PanelWings : open the Wings pane of the Control Panel window (see Figure 3.15, “The Wings pane of the Control Panel with Master Wing mappings”).

  3. Click on the drop down menu for one of the playback bars listed in the control panel and select one of the master wing's sections to assign it to that playback bar. The Master Wing has three three assignable sections: Hog4Master Top, Hog4Master Middle, and Hog4Master Bottom which cordinate to the three rows of masters on the control surface of the Master Wing.

  4. If you have more than one wing, you can identify which wing is which by pressing the Beacon button for any assigned playback bar. The LEDs on the wing will flash.

  5. Ensure that the playback bars that you have assigned to the Master Wing are visible by selecting the Display button for those particular playback bars.

  6. To enable the external monitor included on the wing navigate to the displays tab of the control panel and enable the cordinating DVI output where you plugged in the wing.

Figure 3.15. The Wings pane of the Control Panel with Master Wing mappings

The wings pane of the control panel with Master Wing mappings