21.3 MIDI Note Output

To send a midi note from the console:

  1. Ensure the proper midi out device is selected in the MIDI tab of the control panel (HedgeHog 4 and Road Hog 4 consoles do not have a midi device built in. Therfore, an external generic midi class USB midi device must be connected)

  2. Open the network window.

  3. Select the console in the network window from which you wish to send midi notes.

  4. Press the settings button at the top of the network window. This will open a settings window for the console.

  5. Navigate to the "MIDI Show Control" tab in the console settings window and ensure that the MSC OUT option is enabled.

  6. Open the midi note window by holding the Open key on the front panel and select the Midi Notes button from the open toolbar; this button will be on page 2 of the open toolbar for HedgeHog 4 and Road Hog 4 consoles).

  7. Create a new entry in the midi note window by filling out the fields located at the top of the window and then press the Add button.

    Midi Note Window
  8. Select the comment macro field for any cue, scene, or page and press the Set key on the front panel.

  9. Select the midi note entry you created in Step 4 from the drop down menu and press Enter. The comment macro will be prefixed with "MN" which indicates its a midi note message followed by the name of the message.

    Comment Macro Menu Showing Custom Midi Note Entry
  10. When the cue/scene/page is executed the referenced midi note message will be sent.