5.2 Assigning User Numbers to Fixtures

The User Number is the number used to select a particular fixture when programming. By default, Hog 4 OS gives each fixture type its own range of user numbers. However, if you manually re-assign more than one fixture to the same user number, the console will display an asterisk next to the fixture's user number in the Fixture window to indicate that user number is not unique in the show file:

Screenshot fragment of fixture window showing fixtures with duplicate fixture numbers

To change the User Number:

  1. Open + Fixture

  2. Select the fixture's Num cell (short for User Number).

  3. Set, [new number], Enter

To change several User Numbers at once:

  1. Open + Fixture

  2. Select a range of User Number cells by pressing or clicking, and then dragging.

  3. Set, [new number], Enter : allocates a range of User Numbers starting with the number that you enter and increments the remaining user numbers by one.


You can renumber the fixtures in your show so that each one has a unique number irrespective of its type. By doing this you never have to specify the type when selecting fixtures, which can speed up programming. See Selecting Fixtures.