20.1 Introduction to Plots

Plots are user created graphical layouts that contain programable objects such as fixtures and PixelMaps. Plots can be used to select fixtures, gather fixture feedback, and apply PixelMapping values to fixtures.

Plots are stored in the plots directory. To open the plots directory window hold the Open key and press the Plots button on the main toolbar or press Pig + Open + Fixture on the console front panel).

Figure 20.1. The Plots Directory

The Plots Directory

To open a plot hold the Open key and press the coordinating plot button in the directory. You can also open a plot using the command line by pressing Pig + Fixture (this will put the word plot on the command line), specifying a plot number, and then Open. For example: Pig + Fixture,1, Open will open plot 1.

Figure 20.2. Example of a Basic Plot

Example of a Basic Plot