7.2 Recording Groups

When recording a group, only the active fixture selection is recorded, not all the fixtures currently in the editor. To record a group:

  1. Select the desired fixtures in the Programmer or editor.

  2. Record, Group : the Group Directory window opens.

  3. Select the destination location in the Group Directory window.

  4. Alternatively, enter a number on the keypad and press Enter.

  5. If the destination location is already used, you will be asked to choose an option: Insert, Merge and Replace.

When you record a group the selection order is also saved. This controls how fanning and effects are applied to the fixtures in the group, and is significant when using the Next and Back buttons; see Selection Order, Fanning and Effects.


Hog 4 OS can automatically generate a useful set of groups based on the fixtures in your show: see Creating Palettes and Groups Automatically.