8.1 Recording a Palette

There are five palette directories (intensity, position, colour, beam, effects) into which users can record preset values for easy recall during show programming. The Hog 4 OS determines which function values are recorded into palettes based the kind masking specified at the time of recording. If the kind mask is empty (no kinds selected) at the time of recording then the palette directory's kind mask settings will determine which function values are recorded into the palette.

By default, Hog 4 OS records the appropriate parameter values of all fixtures in the Programmer or editor, not just those of the selected fixtures. To only record from selected fixtures, see Recording Only Selected Fixtures.

To record, for example, a position palette:

  1. In the Programmer or editor, assign the position parameters of the desired fixtures as you want them in the palette.

  2. Record Position : the Position Directory opens.

  3. [Palette 2] : choose a location in the directory.

Or, using the command line:

If you leave out the palette location:

the palette will be recorded in the next available location.

If the destination palette already exists, you will be asked to choose an option: Insert, Merge and Replace.

8.1.1 Naming a Palette

You can give a palette a name that will be displayed in the Palette Directory:

  1. Open + Position : opens the Position Directory.

  2. Check that the Guard button is selected, so that you don't accidentally activate a palette when pressing its button in the directory.

  3. Select the palette to be named by pressing its button in the directory.

  4. Set [name] Enter : type in the name.


To name a palette immediately after recording it, pressing the Set key will open a Quickname window. Enter the palette name and select OK.