11.5 Renumbering Cues within a Cuelist

If your cuelist has many point cues (1.2, 1.5, 2.5, etc.) or if cues have been deleted, you may wish to renumber the cues so that they are all whole numbers. You can renumber cuelists using the Renumber button; press More on the Main Toolbar:

Alternatively, you can specify the range of new numbers to be given:

Note that renumbering does not moves cues within the cuelist; if you try to renumber Cue 5 as Cue 3, you will get an error message. You should use Move for this purpose; see Copying and Moving Cues.


Using Renumber will affect the number column and numeric entries in the Name column. Also, renumber will not rewrite macros or links that refer to renumbered cues; you will need to update these manually.