26.2 Organizing and Saving Report Results

By default the results of a report are aggregated and sorted by container (list/scene) and then further sorted by location, fixture, and function/value. However, you can custom sort, sub-sort, and sub-aggregate the results as you wish. To master sort and master aggregate the report results right click on any one of the column headers and select “sort”. You can add other column headers into your master sort & aggregation by right clicking on a column header and selecting “sub-aggregate”. For example, you can sort and aggregate the reporting results by container and then sub-aggregate by location so that each aggregate header encapsulates data reported for each cue in a list (e.g. List 1 - Cue 1).

Once a report is run and the data is organized to your liking you can export the results as a CSV file or a PDF document by pressing the corresponding button in the report window. A file browser will pop up allowing you to select a storage location for the saved report.