16.1 Selecting from What is Onstage

You can select fixtures from what is on stage using the Live key. Fixtures are considered to be on stage if their intensities are non-zero. If you wish to select fixtures that are onstage but have intensity values at zero then you can use Pig + Live.

Below are some examples of how live can be used:

You can apply a mask to the selection. This allows you to select all fixtures that are onstage that are assigned to particular values or palettes. For example:

Using a palette as a mask:

You can use the Live and / keys together to select fixtures that are both live on stage and in a specified fixture selection:

Note that in all the above examples using the Live key only selects fixtures; it does not alter values in the Programmer or editor.


Fixtures that do not have an intensity parameter such as a colour scroller are always considered live on stage and will be selected when using the Live key.