18.7 The Template Page

The template page specifies which cuelists will appear on specific masters for every page without physically having to load them onto the same masters on all pages. For example, you could have a primary cuelist containing the commonly used cues of the show, which you want available on the same master, regardless of which page you are on. When you move this cuelist to a master on the Template page, it will then appear on the same master of all pages. If a normal page and a template page have a cuelist on the same master, the normal page's cuelist will override the template page's cuelist.

To make a page into the template page:

  1. Open + Page : opens the Page Directory window.

  2. Right-click on the page, and select Set As Template Page from the menu.

To turn off the template page, right-click on the template page and select Clear Template Page from the menu. There can only be one template page; assigning a new template page will restore the previous one to a normal page. The template page is shown by a template icon symbol in the directory window.

Since the template page typically does not relate to a specific portion of your production (a song for example), template pages are never loaded from the Next Page key. When cycling through pages with this key, the template page will be skipped. You can always directly load the template page using either the page directory or the command line.

Cuelists, scenes and group masters that appear on a master of a page because they originate from the template page are shown in blue on the Playback Bar by default; see Figure 18.3, “Playback Bar with Master 10 loaded from the Template Page”. You can turn this off in SetupPreferencesMisc by deselecting Highlight Template.

Figure 18.3. Playback Bar with Master 10 loaded from the Template Page

The Playback Bar with Master 10 loaded from the Template Page

If the template page is the current page, the entire Playback Bar, including empty masters, are also shown in blue; see Figure 18.4, “The Playback Bar with the Template Page loaded”.

Figure 18.4. The Playback Bar with the Template Page loaded

The Playback Bar with the Template Page loaded